5 Things To Do To Build Your Intelligence.

There are few things you can do to build your intelligence: 1. Try new things. New things doesn’t mean anything fancy here; they are just things you are interested but haven’t tasted the pleasure yet. New people, new experiences, anything new other than “what you’ve always done.” Take advantage of opportunities when they are at

What You Should Do During The First Days Of A New Job?

First days at your job are bit difficult. So you need some guidance to focus on your work. In this article, we are going to explain how to spend your first 90 days at your new work place. Give importance to the customer in everthing you do: It doesn’t matter if your line work falls

The Most Important Trait Harvard Business School Looks For!

Getting into Harvard is almost every student’s dream on the planet. Harvard Business School has been known to students as the supreme B-school in the world, which makes it highly admired by students across the world. But since Harvard Business School seems to admit only about 11% of its applicants, it’s crucial that the student should

Best Business Books to Invest your Time on!

In this article, we are listing 7 books to your fast-track MBA course. These books are just amazing to spend your time with. Source: Business Insider. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco You’ll learn amazing things in just 2 days from this book than you can in 2 years of business courses in college. This

Kindle Unlimited Offers Multitude of Books at 199/Month

Amazon is all set to bring Kindle Unlimited version to India. This model is based on subscriptions. Here users can read books or listen to their favorite audiobooks just by paying a monthly fee. And, with the subscription, users can choose from multitude of titles to read. On top of that, there are thousands of

Google has a mysterious way to hire! Know about it!

Working with Google is every employee’s dream. And you know there’s a mysterious way to get a job at Google? If you want to have a programming gig at Google, don’t limit yourself. Look up for complicated queries on Google. And that’s exactly how a guy named Max Rosett landed in a job at the

A 16-old boy’s Search Engine works more accurate than Google!

A 16-year old Indian-Origin Canadian Anmol Tukrel, has surprised the world when he told that his Personalised Search Engine is more accurate than Google. This guy has created a personalised search engine that can be more accurate than Google as high as 47 percent. And he claims this search engine is about 21 percent more

Best Websites For Internships to Grab Opportunities-Part II

To continue our exploration on the best websites for Internship opportunities, another five websites best provide you with lists of internships and related information. Idealist and Student Conservation Association are resourced with non-profit internships and community as well as volunteer services while USAJobs is for government. GoAbroad is one of the best internet sites and

Best Websites For Internships to Grab Opportunities-Part I

The best websites for internships is the key word when you search for opportunities to do internship. Not all websites stand best for all career fields when looking for information regarding internship. While searching on the web for best internships across the globe, you might feel a little uncertain to decide if the website you

6 Must Watch Movies For Techies

Movies play an important role in many people’s life and many unknown things to world are being revealed through movies, being keeping that in mind most of the Hollywood directors took movies on real time situations faced by some techie giants. Here is the list of some must watch movies for techies. Must watch movies